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Alternative Gift Ideas for Christmas

by Holly Bramwell on November 22, 2019

 It's difficult to come up with ideas for Christmas presents at the best of times, but when you need to go that step further and consider a child or young adults needs due to their learning difficulties, it can feel like a minefield!

Here are just a few ideas from some Special Needs businesses who understand - which will help when it comes to buying gifts for those with Special Needs..



Tubieego offer an amazing adaptation service which means almost any bag can become a Tube Feeding bag. Just send Tubieego your bag and it will be adapted for Tube Feeding including a Tubiee Go Insert which is compatible with Abbott, Nutricia and Fresenius feed systems and types. 

They also provide a wide range of colourful backpacks to suit Abbott, Nutricia and Fresenius users, from Llamas to Dinosaurs to adult bags!

Take a look at the website for more information and to buy online: www.tubieego.com 

Tubie Kids

At Tubie Kids they understand the difficulties faced with dressing a tube fed child with suitable, adaptive clothing. That's why they created the Tubie Kids 2in1 combo (bodysuit and t-shirt in one), making feeding and changing a lot easier for parents and carers. The product has grown since, including Emergency Seat Belt Pads and Harnesses, Hoodies and Pouches to keep all those Tube Feeding Bits & Bobs together!

Visit the website now for more information and to buy online: www.tubiekids.co.uk

Willow Bug 

Willow Bug provides stylish and adaptive clothing for children and teens, fitting easily over heads, legs, arms and wheelchairs. From Back Fastening Jackets, Waterproof Ponchos to Wheelchair trousers and Wheelchair coveralls, all with great design options to show your child's personality!

Please take a look by visiting the website: www.willowbug.co.uk


A Friend Like Me

Crafty Fiona has created 'A Friend Like Me'  - a cuddly toy adapted with medical devices made to look just like you or someone special to you. A wide range of medical devices are offered including feeding tubes, ostomy bags, oxygen bags and catheters and they are always happy to create custom toys to meet your needs. 

To learn more and request a quote, please visit: www.afriendlikeme.co.uk


Hobbyhorse Lane

Hobbyhorse Lane is home to 'Groovy Tubies,' a collection of fun and useful products for those who are tube fed. Offering Tubie Pads, Belts and Safety Covers in a range of fabrics - items can be customised to meet your specific needs.

For more information please visit: www.hobbyhorselane.co.uk



We have recently launched the 'Multi Sensory Box' which contains 8 toys to encourage interaction and relieve tension. In addition, you can choose from any of the tags with lanyards listed, to include and personalise your box. 

Our range of t-shirts and hoodies also make great ideas for any child, young adult or carer. To view the full range click here.

As always, 10% of the sales are donated to our chosen charity, SWAN.

Click here for more information about the Multi Sensory Box.






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