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Christmas Time - A Need To Please!

by Holly Bramwell on December 20, 2019

One of the biggest stresses of Christmas is the 'Need To Please!' Whether it's sending Christmas cards out to people you don't really see, buying presents last minute because they bought you something or feeling like you need to attend every local fair/market/concert for the kids....


For some of our kids, being out of school and out of routine is tough in the holidays, so don't be worrying about everyone else and everything else around you. If help is available over Christmas, please take it. Sometimes it can feel like we are asking too much when we ask someone if they can babysit for a couple of hours, or help out at home but we are thinking about it from our perspective. We live the sleepless nights, worries, poorly kids, medication 24/7, so a couple of hours help is nothing to most people and they will be more than happy to help. 

It's really important as parents and carers that you take care of yourselves. So please try and use this time over the next couple of weeks to get a bit of a break. Whether it's a nap, going shopping on your own, or going to a friends house for a coffee to escape for a little bit!

Please look after yourself. 


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