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How to keep our children busy indoors!

by Holly Bramwell on March 29, 2020

I don't know about you, but I had this perfect idea of being able to homeschool Finley and do ALL the things that he normally does at his Specialist School, but we know now, that just isn't possible!

We were sent a link for Twinkl from school which would work for some children but even some of the Early Years worksheets are too difficult for Finley's developmental age.

It is difficult to keep the routine that they all need, so we have to adapt things and just do the best we can.

This week we have attempted some painting, been on our daily walks, watched some Mr Tumble and a lot of In the Night Garden and basically made sure we ate, drank, slept and washed from time to time!

I have come across a few activities though that I think we could all do at home and I think they will work for any ability:


Create a Texture Book

I have come across these on some parent groups before. Take a tour around the house together, collecting items with different textures, e.g. Tin Foil, Tissue Paper, Wool, Play Doh. Once you've collected all the items you want, take a couple of pieces of paper folded in half (to create an A5 size book) and stick the items on each page. 

An alternative idea to this, is to take photos of all your favourite things around the house, print and stick them in a paper book. This can be used as a good Communication Aid.


Exercise and Dancing

The Joe Wicks daily PE workout has been really popular and it may not be possible to do all the exercises. If like Finley, your child has some physical disabilities, you can be their helper during the workout! It may be that you can only do the arm movements, but it gives them some focus for just the right amount of time and gives you a mini workout too!

If the exercise workout proves to be too difficult, there are lots of great Nursery Rhyme channels on Netflix and YouTube that you can use to dance along to and copy the moves! We recommend:

  • Mother Goose Club
  • Little Baby Bum
  • Sesame Street 


Interactive Play 

We are told so often, don't let your child play on the iPad/Kindle Fire/XBox/PS4 too long, but letting them play on them for a sensible amount of time actually keeps them calm and focused. There are lots of great apps out there that you can try:

  • CBeebies
  • Super Why (PBS Kids)
  • Otsimo
  • Speech Blubs


We hope this helps a little bit. 

Hang in there, you are doing an amazing job! 

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