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Star Stories - Sonny's Army

by Holly Bramwell on February 28, 2020

We wanted to share a story with you about two amazing young girls.

They are the proud founders of 'Sonny's Army.'

Sonny's Army was born from an idea on the back of a school book and because of the love of a child. Danell Dreelan's son, Sonny Lee was born with complex needs and spent months fighting for his life in hospital and sadly, this will be the case throughout his life.

Destiny (age 16) who is Sonny Lee's auntie and Bobbie (age 12), Sonny Lee's sister, built 'Sonny's Army' to help other families going through the same thing. They assist families across the UK whose children spend a lot of their time in hospital. They provide boxes of all essential items needed for their stay and 'Get Well' boxes to suit the child's age and needs. 'Emergency Stay Packs' are also sent out to hospitals across the UK for those urgent, unplanned visits.


In addition, they provide the families with a small donation to cover some of the expenses during their stay.

Now, they would like to grow the charity and are looking to provide small pieces of equipment to help children when they return home.

It hasn't been an easy ride for Destiny and Bobbie though. Due to their ages, location and academic commitments, it was a struggle at times but they have succeeded and are a now a full registered small charity.

You can follow their page on Facebook and Instagram or find out more from their website: www.sonnysarmy.com


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