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Take Care of Yourself

by Holly Bramwell on August 19, 2019

Take care of yourself. Easier said than done. 

As parents and carers we put all our energy into taking care of the person or people we love who cannot care for themselves independently due to their disabilities. We know that we would do anything to make life easier for them and give them the best quality of life they can possible have.

We also need to take care of ourselves. 

Don’t ever feel guilty about having a little time for yourself to recharge your batteries. In order to do this job, you need your health and happiness and you can only do this by having some ‘you time.’ This doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, like Spa days and weekend always, particularly if you are doing the role of mum/dad/carer and everything in between! Please make sure though that you give yourself an hour a day to do something for you...

1) Switch off from Social Media for an hour and read a few pages of a book everyday

2) Have a nice bubble bath and play some chilled music 

3) Have a full, hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and drink it all!

4) Consider learning a new skill that you can do at home - knitting, crafts, drawing/painting... you may find you’re pretty good at it! 

I hope you will think about taking one of these ideas on - give yourself a break. 



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