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Twinnie Tweenies Little Stars!

by Holly Bramwell on August 11, 2019

So tomorrow is 'International Youth Day' - focusing on 'Tweens' and 'Teens' in all communities around the world. Held each year on the 12th August, it celebrates young people, understanding the challenges they can face in society today.

We therefore though it was appropriate to celebrate our own 'Tweens.' Ellie and Sophie are amazing, caring girls who have kept mummy and daddy sane most days with the amount they do to help Finley. Only 9 years old, they are more than happy to help with feeding, bathing, entertaining him and often when he wakes up in a morning, they'll go and get him from his room, so they don't disturb us; although we soon wake up when we hear "Finley, argh my hair," or "Oh great, Finley's pooped," we know the sentiment is there though and we thank them for it.

We are very lucky.

We are holding onto this time though, as we know things can rapidly change once the hormones kick in! At the moment, they still tell us they love us, like to help and like to hang out with us but we know there may come a time when they think we are the worst people in the world/completely unreasonable and may even pack a bag to 'move out' (which normally consists of walking around the block a couple of times before sheepishly returning home, or hanging out at friends or better still grandparents/free food for a bit)! You never know, we may skip through this section?!

For now though, we would like to celebrate these wonderful little humans with big hearts; our 'Twinnie Tweenies Little Stars!'

Pictured are Ellie and Sophie wearing their 'Young Carers' clothing from the starkid.works website - click here to take a look! We will leave you to guess who is who... (8 minute age gap)!



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