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What GDD means to us

by Holly Bramwell on July 29, 2019

A Diagnosis

We were first told Finley had Global Developmental Delay following a number of tests where nothing else could be determined as to why he had not development in his motor skills or speech. Professionals advised that Global Development Delay or 'GDD' is the term used when a child takes longer to reach the milestones for their age. Sometimes this can be short term, but in many cases it is longer term and sometimes leads to another diagnosis further down the line. Finley is still 'Undiagnosed' from a Genetics perspective but we don't let this take over our lives.

Metallica, Mash and Messy Bath Times!

You see, what we've come to realise over time is that yes, a diagnosis would help us plan Finley's future better and give us some guidance on the types of therapy we should use to help him, but it doesn't change who he is as a person...

Finn, Age 5 and half, with a great laugh and cheekiness to match!

We love that he's got such a eclectic personality:

  • Music - Loves Metallica and Lewis Capaldi
  • Food - Loves 'Beige' food - even the fruit and veg has to be Banana, Potatoes, Cauliflower and of course 'Freezer Surprise' 
  • Hobbies - Loves, loves loves Bath Time, Water, throwing water anything related to water!
  • Great Traits - Gives amazing hugs, pulls very interesting faces, always smiles (well most of the time)!

How to deal with People and Places!

It's funny, when people ask 'What is wrong with him?' and we explain what GDD is, the response we normally get is; 'Oh, he'll catch up' or 'He's a boy, they're lazy.' We'd like to think this was the case, but we know it isn't and that development gap isn't closing in. The best thing to do here, is just respond politely and re-iterate that it is a disability - no change in the foreseeable future!

Another thing we have learnt to accept is there are just some places that aren't worth venturing to! Example; your average 'Soft Play Centre' would be our worst nightmare. We've tried before, but he's too big for the baby section and he can't manage the jungle of climbing frames and slides for the older kids, plus the likelihood of being trampled on! Luckily, more and more centres are offering 'Quiet Hour' which are exclusive to those with Special Needs. 

Wish he was a nuisance! (Weird we know)

There are some things we feel sad about at times which might seem like a nuisance to some parents (including us when our twin girls were younger), but you soon realise what you miss when you have a child with Special Needs:

  • He doesn't have school mates to come round for dinner after school
  • He can't tell us if something is wrong
  • He can't walk/run into our bedroom in a morning to wake us up
  • He can't ask us, 'But Why? or 'Are We There Yet?!'


So in a nutshell, this is the 'Life of Finley.' We know we aren't the only family going through this out there so we just want to say to you...

'You Are Amazing, You Are Strong - Keep Going.'

Following our experiences with Finley and knowing how other parents and carers feel on a daily basis, we created these tags to help when out and about, so other people have a better understanding - take a look