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It all started when…

We know there are so many families out there who can relate to this. 

Finley has GDD, Hypermobility, Epilepsy and is non-verbal. To look at him, these disabilities may not be plainly obvious and so we are often met with confusing looks when our 5 year old doesn’t respond to people and is sat in a pram!

The most difficult situations we have come across are when we have had to ‘spell out’ his disabilities to justify him using a pram and this is where we thought, may be a simple tag that can be understood universally would work??

We decided to put this to the test.....

We returned from a family holiday last year which involved flights and day trips out and saw this as a prime opportunity to test out the Special Needs Pram Tag. 

Firstly used on the pram in the airports, the staff could clearly see that assistance was required and swiftly fast tracked us through; ensuring that Finley could use his pram to the aircraft door (bypassing the usual bag/pram drop location).

Whilst on holiday, we took a trip to the local zoo. On a number of occasions there were buildings that required you to leave your pram/stroller outside. When asked to do this, we simply showed staff the Special Needs Pram Tag and we were ‘given the nod’ to go straight through with Finley in his pram. 

The Pram tags have really taken off and since then, you will see we have introduced more tags to raise awareness about hidden disabilities and more recently, T-Shirts and Hoodies.

As a parent, carer, family or friend to these children, you are doing an amazing job and we just want to make life a little easier for you. 


The Bramwells x

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