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What does this mean & Why?

Design registration exists to allow individuals and businesses to protect their intellectual property from theft and unauthorised use. This is similar to the use of a copyright, trademark, but differs from a patent in that it does not describe the way something works, only how it looks. 

We have decided to protect our designs so that you can be sure you are buying a quality product from starkidtags. 

The legal bit...

Our designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. 
The following design numbers are in force:
Special Needs Pram Tag - 6037536 (applies to all colours)
Special Needs Lanyard - 6037539
Non-Verbal Lanyard - 6037538
Autism Lanyard - 6037537
Tube Fed Lanyard - 6044174
Sensory Processing Disorder Lanyard - 6044175
Complex Needs Lanyard - 6044176
Sign Language Lanyard - 6044177 (applies to American & British)
Makaton Lanyard - 6044178
Dementia Lanyard - 6044179
Epilepsy Lanyard - 6044180
Halloween Lanyard - 6044181
Custom Lanyard - 6044182 (regardless of text)
Egg Allergy Badge - TBC
Milk Allergy Badge - TBC
Dairy Allergy Badge - TBC
Nut Allergy Badge - TBC
Gluten Allergy Badge - TBC
Fur Allergy Badge - TBC
Medical Equipment Inside Tag - TBC
Medicine Inside Tag - TBC
Luggage Tag - TBC
ADHD Lanyard - TBC
Hidden Disability Lanyard - TBC
Genetic Disorder Lanyard - TBC
Visually Impaired Lanyard - TBC
Hearing Impaired Lanyard - TBC

Copies of certificates can be provided if required, or alternatively, the full design registration information can be found here (opens IPO website)

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